Advice on real estate matters

Investment consulting

We support you in your investment decisions and substantiate our advice with personalised profitability analyses. Whether you are planning a new build or renovation work, we are on hand to advise.

Project development / investor consulting

Are you planning to purchase a property or plot of land? We can help you draw up a business plan, review the planning legalities for the site and, if desired, prepare a feasibility study. We also carry out development projects of our own and can gladly share our experience with you.

Technical due diligence (in English and German)

We conduct technical surveys of the condition of existing properties and plots of land in order to provide detailed statements on maintenance/repair investments and running costs. Our repertoire of expertise additionally includes the review of permit documents, registers of contaminated sites and land register extracts.

Sustainability consulting

Sustainability is one of the driving forces of our company.

Construction projects must also be considered from a far broader perspective, namely in terms of the conservation of resources.

For sustainable construction not only means saving resources and building in an environmentally friendly way – these only relate to the construction process and not to the finished building. Many other factors must be taken into account in sustainable construction, such as the lowest possible energy requirements for a building, space-saving construction, low maintenance and repair costs, the reuse of building materials, and, if possible, a CO2-reduced life cycle assessment.

We are a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and strive to carry out all construction projects in accordance with its guidelines.

Evidence compilation

We secure evidence and perform condition surveys on neighbouring buildings and plots before construction projects have even begun. Allowing us to ascertain whether a construction project is the actual cause of damage.