Wolfsburg’s theatre was built in 1973 in an organic architectural style according to plans by Hans Scharoun. Every year, the theatre stages its own productions and also hosts guest performances. It is one of the largest exemplary theatres in Germany.

The theatre has been a decisive player in the city’s cultural scene since its opening. It contributes significantly to the full expression and dissemination of the artistic wealth of German-language theatre.

Located amidst sprawling lawns on the north-eastern slope of the Klieversberg, the theatre is situated to the south of a wooded area. The floor plan is elegantly long, narrow and irregular. The guest entrances and 80-metre-long foyer are located in the low building to the south-east that adjoins the significantly more striking stage section of 24 metres in height to the north-west. Administrative offices and rooms for artists are located in another low building extension. Until its renovation in 2014, the theatre’s interior was largely still in its original condition. Although the building has lost none of its impact and architectural appeal since it opened, the signs of the times could be seen in the building stock and also in the technology.

In order to continue to meet high standards, the building’s energy consumption, technology and functionality were evaluated and the building subsequently renovated as part of a planned overall refurbishment. The observance of monument protection requirements formed the basis of all planning.

The measures were successfully completed in 2015.

Refurbishment of Scharoun Theatre in accordance with the fire safety regulations and taking the listed building requirements into account.
HOAI service phases 2+3 (cost planning), 6+7 (tender and award processes), 8 (project coordination) and 9 (project support and documentation).
City of Wolfsburg
BRENNE Gesellschaft für Architekten mbH, Berlin
Facts and figures
Main usable area:10.500 m²
Construction costs:25 Mio. €
Project time frame:2012 - 2015
Project status:fertiggestellt


Theater der Stadt Wolfsburg GmbH
Klieverhagen 50
38440 Wolfsburg


  • Foyer

  • View of the exterior

  • Left stairwell

  • Cloakroom

  • Main entrance

  • Theatre hall

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