The freight forwarding/logistics centre is located at Joseph-Meyer-Strasse 3 (plot 17) in Erfurt-Stotternheim industrial estate on a site covering a total of 116,685 m². It lies to the north of Erfurt city centre and the junction for Erfurt-Stotternheim on the A71 motorway. 

The complex is rectangular in shape. In addition to smaller individual technical buildings for the sprinkler system and a separate gatehouse, the large warehouse is divided into six sections. The logistics facility thus comprises a two-storey handling and storage warehouse (total gross floor area: 67,606.22 m²), a single-storey sprinkler control centre (gross floor area: 146.51 m²) and a single-storey gatehouse located to the south (gross floor area: 81.05 m²).

Technical due diligence with an environmental assessment:

  1. Status report on:

1.1 Property development

1.2 Supporting structures

1.3 Façades

1.4 Interior fittings

1.5 Technical building systems

1.6 Fire protection and safety technology

  1. Assessment of maintenance costs over 10 years
  2. Assessment of urgent repairs to the structure
  3. Assessment of potential for conversions
Logistics/freight forwarding centre in Erfurt-Stotternheim with office buildings.
Technical due diligence review with an environmental assessment.
Facts and figures
Gross floor area:67.833,78 m²
Construction years:2010
Preparation of an expert opinion:Oktober 2013


Joseph-Meyer-Straße 3
99195 Erfurt-Stotternheim

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