Refurbishment of the Victoria House

The refurbishment of the Victoria House at the Botanical Gardens in Berlin-Dahlem was the second major greenhouse refurbishment project following refurbishment of the Great Tropical House. The basement of the Victoria House serves as the central visitor entrance to the ensemble of 14 greenhouses. The Victoria House was extremely energy inefficient, meeting standards set in the post-war period. Due to the exceptional conditions that must prevail in the Victoria House, namely a tropical climate, an energetic refurbishment was conducted with the aim of significantly and sustainably reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption. In order to improve the botanical gardens’ general energy efficiency, the local heating network (partly still the original system!) was also refurbished.

Refurbishment of the Victoria House, renewal of the local heating network, structural reinforcement of greenhouses B and C. Renewal of the outdoor areas.
Project management in accordance with DVP/AHO (all project phases), HOAI service phases 1–9.
Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing
Haas Architekten CSZ Ingenieurconsult GmbH
Facts and figures
Main usable area:970 m²
Construction costs:11 Mio. €
Construction time frame:2012 - 2017
Funding program:UEPII


Botanischer Garten
Königin-Luise-Str. 6-8
14195 Berlin

  • View from the front

  • Construction phase

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