Energetic refurbishment of a creativity-focused primary school

The school building located at Bizetstraße 64 in Berlin-Weißensee was built during the GDR era. It affords a reinforced concrete skeleton. The energetic refurbishment was financed via EU funding from the UEPII programme. The south and north sides of the building have been designed as non-load-bearing façades.

The building houses a primary school that particularly encourages creativity. The school size was expanded from two classes to three classes per year group; the number of pupils increased accordingly from around 240 to 320 pupils.

Energetic refurbishment and optimisation of a five-storey school building located at Bizetstraße 64 in Berlin-Weißensee.
Project management in accordance with DVP/AHO (project phases 1–5, areas of activity A–D).
BIP-Kreativitätszentrum GmbH Berlin
Facts and figures
Gross floor area:3900 m²
Construction costs:2.3 Mio. €
Construction time frame:2011 - 2012
Funding programme:Berlin’s Environmental Relief Programme II (UEPII)


dreieins Grundschule

Bizetstraße 64

13088 Berlin

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