Construction of a new passenger terminal and operational buildings for Berlin Brandenburg Airport

The new Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which lies to the south of the GDR’s former central airport, consists of passenger terminals and the Airport City, at the centre of a parallel runway system. There are maintenance areas to the west and service and cargo areas to the east of the site. The airport’s links to Berlin and the surrounding area with its own motorway junction and a railway station directly below the main terminal ensure maximum intermodality for the shortest possible distances. A take-off capacity of more than 20 million passengers is planned for 2021. Depending how the capacities develop, the airport can be expanded to cater to up to 40 million passengers.

We organised and set up a documentation centre for all project documentation on behalf of the pg bbi planning consortium (architect and general planner). We were able to compile and finalise the documentation for completion of the operational buildings. We were moreover able to assist in preparation of a room type catalogue for the entire project, based on our “CheckInvent!” database tool developed in-house.

Construction of a new passenger terminal and operational buildings for Berlin Brandenburg Airport.
Project documentation, preparation of a room type catalogue using our “CheckInvent!” tool.
Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH, gmp Architekten Berlin, Schüssler-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
gmp Architekten, Berlin
Facts and figures
Construction costs:ca. 7 Mrd. Euro
Gross floor area (terminal):326.000 m²
Gross floor area (operational buildings):35.000 m²
Gross floor area (station):25.000 m²
Project time frame:2011-2014
Project status:fertiggestellt


Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg
Melli Beese Ring 1
12529 Schönefeld

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