Keeping sight of sustainability

Sustainability is one of the driving forces of our company. The truth is that the construction industry is largely responsible for the global sand shortage and consumption of an estimated 40% of global resources.

The sand available in almost infinite quantities in our planet’s deserts is not suitable for construction. In contrast to excavated sand, its surface is too smooth. Although technologies now exist to convert desert sand into a building material, until these procedures become established worldwide, the issues surrounding this resource will persist. With all the troublesome social and environmental side effects they bring with them.

Construction projects must also be considered from a far broader perspective, namely in terms of the conservation of resources.

For sustainable construction not only means saving resources and building in an environmentally friendly way – these only relate to the construction process and not to the finished building. Many other factors must be taken into account in sustainable construction, such as the lowest possible energy requirements for a building, space-saving construction, low maintenance and repair costs, the reuse of building materials, and, if possible, a CO2-reduced life cycle assessment.

We are a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and strive to carry out all construction projects in accordance with its guidelines.