Ensuring the successful achievement of all project goals

Our services
We see our project management services as an innovative service package. Hence we offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of your construction project. From the project concept through to successful implementation. We strive in the process to address the individual requirements of each project. The scope of services is also based on the project management service profile (no. 9, March 2020) issued by the German Committee of the Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects for Fee Regulations (AHO).

In addition to the basic requirements of quality, costs and deadlines, we always aim in our activities to implement a solution that is optimal and sustainable for users and satisfies human needs. As a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), we are committed to upholding this organisation’s values.

In the beginning is an idea
We support you in the selection of a competent planning team and provide professional assistance in the organisation of planning processes. For only with target-oriented teamwork can a top planning team be selected that will lead your project to success. Drawing on our experience, we coordinate and manage your project through all of the financing, planning, tender and building phases.

As architects, we are familiar with the needs of both project developers and clients. We assess sites, clarify the conditions and formulate quality requirements.

Drafting contracts and ensuring adherence to regulations
To find suitable architects and expert planners, we conduct public procurement procedures in accordance with the German Ordinance on the Award of Public Contracts (Vergabeverordnung, VgV) and the Regulations on Sub-Threshold Procurement. When drawing up contracts, we seek to prevent unexpected cost increases due to unsuitable service descriptions, construction hold-ups from the late submission of plans and delays caused by coordination issues between planners and contractors.

We plan quality and sustainability
Allow us to manage the on-site teams for you to ensure a smooth interaction between all involved parties and pre-empt any shortcomings in service or performance. We work with you to identify solutions in all our activities and decisions that are sustainable both for humans and the environment. As a company certified according to DIN ISO 9001, we adhere to high quality management standards.

Monitoring progress
Timely planning of all relevant quality criteria and their monitoring during the implementation phase ensure your project goals are met.

Optimising planning processes
We monitor project planning and implementation for you, present the project progress transparently and draw attention to any issues at an early stage. Monitoring the costs and deadlines for planning processes and quality-conscious integration of all expert planner services are a top priority for us.

Planning sustainability
We advise on the planning of your sustainability goals and use the DGNB points system to conduct a preliminary check at the very start of your project. We can gladly support you through to successful green building certification according to the DGNB or BNB standards.

The construction phase
There’s project management – and then there’s project management. We take an innovative approach:
As project managers, we wish to ensure the timely identification of construction shortcomings during each project phase – to ensure that these do not become a political issue after the project is completed.

Professional membership
We are a member of the German Association of Project Management in the Construction and Real Estate Industry. Meaning we adhere to the association’s high standards and code of ethics.