Project support during HOAI Phase 9

We can provide project support and documentation during HOAI Phase 9. This phase, which includes defect management and warranty monitoring, is unfortunately accorded too little attention in the construction industry. Indeed, this obligatory component of project implementation is often simply “processed”. Attempts to rectify building defects in some form and to satisfy the client are certainly made. However, an orderly, structurally sound process during which all crucial points are systematically considered is only very rare.

We strive to ensure the structurally sound rectification of defects and the exact determination of the cause to the client’s utmost satisfaction. Companies have often almost completed their work entirely and lack zeal in the implementation. At times like these, clients need an assertive partner who works ceaselessly at their side, does not allow themselves to be distracted on the home straight by the work already completed, and continues to meticulously attend to the details.

Over our many years of experience, we have gained insights into where serious defects with lasting effects can still arise in the trades (especially during the final project phase), which can preoccupy clients for years to come.

We can gladly assist in the rectification of construction defects and damage during the warranty period and coordinate claims with the responsible parties.